Converts Oxford term dates to real dates and vice versa
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Oxford Date Converter library

Written by Robert Bradley ( on 30/12/2005. Updated 20/3/2006. Copyright (c) R. A. Bradley 30/12/2005.

This library makes it possible to convert Oxford dates to real dates and vice versa. It creates a new OxfordDate object to represent Oxford dates, and adds a .toOxfordDate() method to new Date objects.

OxfordDate objects have the following properties and methods:

  • Term: Term object reprsenting the term
  • Week: Week in the term
  • Day: Day of the week (0=Sunday, 6=Saturday)
  • toRealDate(): Return the real date represented by the object

function Term(realDate)

This is the constructor for the Term object. The Term object has the following properties:

  • term.StartDate (Date object)
  • term.TermName (string)


term=new Term(new Date());
alert(term.TermName+" term "+term.StartDate.getYear()+" starts on "+term.StartDate.toString());

function CreateTerm(year, termNumber)


  • 0=Hilary
  • 1=Trinity
  • 2=Long Vacation
  • 3=Michaelmas

This function returns a Term object for the term and year specified.


term=CreateTerm(2006, 3);
alert("Michaelmas 2006 starts on "+term.StartDate.toString());

function OxfordDate(term, week, day)

Create a new OxfordDate object. The term argument must be created using the CreateTerm function, or by passing in an existing OxfordDate's Term property.


oxDate=new OxfordDate(CreateTerm(2006, 0), 1, 0);// Sunday 1st week, Hilary 2006
today=(new Date()).toOxfordDate(); // Get today as an OxfordDate
oxDate2=new OxfordDate(today.Term, 5, 6);// Saturday 5th week of this current term