High-tech weaponized moe progress delivery bot for IRC, Discord, and web
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High-tech weaponized moe progress delivery bot for IRC, Discord, and web. Uses NodeJS and socket.io to update progress from IRC/Discord messages onto a web interface. The web interface can also be embedded on another page to provide instant and live progress updates.


web interface


  • nodejs
  • npm
  • build-essential
  • libicu-dev

Install build-essential and libicu-dev via your package manager, then run npm install to install the required dependencies. Then, copy config-default.js to config.js and edit as required. Finally, run the bot with node start.js.


In theory, this should work anywhere node (and the above dependencies) works. However I've only tested it on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), and Windows 10.


Available commands and syntax

Assuming a trigger word of !pb:

Command Syntax Example
Title title <string> !pb title A very cool show
Episode episode <string> !pb episode 12/25
Encoding encode <int> !pb encode 30
Timing time <int> !pb time 10
Translation tl <int> !pb tl 100
Translation Check tlc <int> !pb tlc 20
Typesetting ts <int> !pb ts 44
Editing edit <int> !pb edit 0
Quality Check qc <int> !pb qc 67

Open a browser to <ipaddress>:80 (port 80 by default) to see the live changes.

Demo (front end only)

See a live, in-production setup here: https://asenshi.moe:8443