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Version 0.3.0.rc1

Release date: 13-07-2011

  • Have a more useful message when Mechanize errors out during a remote request [Jeroen van Dijk]
  • Add concept of Capybara::Mechanize.local_hosts to indicate what can be used as localhost [Jeroen van Dijk]
  • Capybara dependency upgraded 1.0.0. A significant change in how everything is organized internally [Jeroen van Dijk]

Version 0.2.7

Release date: 01-02-2011

  • Capybara::Driver::Mechanize#reset! needs to reset last_remote_host and last_request_remote state between sessions. [Joel Chippindale and Jon Gilbraith]

Version 0.2.6

Release date: 12-01-2011

  • Manage nested map in Driver#post method to create post data [Alban Peignier]
  • add ruby19 support for gemfile [petrushka]

Version 0.2.5

Release date: 15-11-2010

  • Include parameters when sending get requests to remote hosts [David, Iain McCoy]
  • specifiying version of sinatra and fixing remote test URL [David, Iain McCoy]
  • Make sure a RackApp isn't needed when we only want to test a remote app [Jeroen van Dijk]
  • Make sure that relative paths in a remote context are treated as remote [Jeroen van Dijk]
  • Start using RSpec 2 [Fred Wu]
  • Stay compatible with Capybara master [Fred Wu]

Version 0.2.4 and older

Initial work [Jeroen van Dijk]

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