Minimalist Slack bot framework for clojure
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A minimalistic Slack bot framework. It automatically handles (re-)connection and keepalive messages for you, so you can focus on the fun part!


Add to your project.clj:

[clack "0.1.0"]


The only entrypoint is the function clack/start, which runs forever. It receives two parameters: your Slack API token and a handler function. The handler function, which you should implement, should be a function of three parameters:

  1. in-chan - a core.async channel from which to take messages
  2. out-chan - a core.async channel to which to post messages
  3. config - a clojure map with (so far) keys [:my-user-id]

Check out the example below for a complete description.

Full example

This example shows the implementation of a simple bot that always replies "Ok!" to every message received on a channel -- except the ones it sends itself (otherwise we'd create an infinite loop). It pulls your Slack API token from the env var SLACK_API_TOKEN.

(ns clack.example
  (:require [clack.clack :as clack]
            [clojure.core.async :as async]
            [environ.core :refer [env]])

(defn send-ack
  [msg out-chan my-user-id]
  (if (and (= (:type msg) "message")
           (not= (:user my-user-id) my-user-id))
    (async/go (async/>! out-chan {:type "message"
                                  :channel (:channel msg)
                                  :text "Ok!"}))))

(defn handler
  [in-chan out-chan config]
  (async/go-loop []
    (if-let [msg (async/<! in-chan)]
        (println "Got msg" msg)
        (send-ack msg out-chan (:my-user-id config))
      (println "Channel is closed"))))

(defn -main
  [& args]
  (clack/start (env :slack-api-token) handler))