Remote control server for linux. Control your X session through a TCP socket.
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pyRemoteControl is a remote control server for interacting with your X11 session. It was developed to support the Remote Control for Linux android app, but it can be used by any application that can communicate via TCP sockets.

Installation and usage

Download the zip file, extract it and run the python script. It should be waiting for a connection.

If you would like to automate this process, copy and paste the following lines on a terminal:

$  wget && \
   unzip && \
   cd pyRemoteControl-master && \
   chmod +x

You can now run the python script with:

$  ./

If everything went fine, you should see something like this:

$ ./
   pyRemoteControl version v1.0
   Waiting for connection...

Make sure you have python2 installed and available under python2.


Please feel free to send in suggestions and pull requests!


GPLv2. The python Xlib is also distributed under GPLv2.