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qche is a tiny filesystem-persisted cache package for python2. It's useful for caching intermediate results of expensive computations that may fail catastrophically, causing you to otherwise lose the already calculated/received values.


$ pip install qche


results = []
with qche.PickleCache("/tmp/my_cache.pickle") as cache:
    for i in xrange(100):
        if i not in cache:
            cache[i] = long_computation(i)

print "Got results: ", results

Here, long_computation might be, for instance:

  • a CPU-heavy computation, such as some optimization algorithm
  • a Network operation

If long_computation raises an exception in any one of the 100 calls, you can just re-execute the script and it will pick it right back where you left, because the previous results were persisted to disk.

Available Serializers

  • qche.PickleCache: reads/writes data from/to disk using the pickle protocol;
  • qche.JsonCache: reads/writes data from/to disk using the json serializer;