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A small tool to display MPD status on a lcdproc server
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MPDLcd is a small adapter which will display the status of a MPD server on a LCD screen, through lcdproc.

It allows defining various layouts depending on LCD size, with fix or moving parts.


The command line is quite simple:

# Connect to the local mpd and lcdproc, logging to stderr

Other options are possible:

mpdlcd \
        --syslog --syslog-facility=user2 --loglevel=debug --lcdd_debug

Please use mpdlcd --help or man mpdlcd for a full help description.


The simplest way to install MPDLcd is to use your distribution's packages. It requires the and python_mpd2 Python library.


Use the Sunrise overlay at


  1. Install the python-mpd package:

    apt-get install python-mpd
  2. Install mpdlcd from PIP:

    pip install mpdlcd


If it hasn't been packaged for your distribution yet, you can also install from sources by hand:

pip install mpdlcd

This will pull in the python_mpd2 Python library.

Example initd scripts are provided in the initd/ folder.

Reporting issues

Issues should be reported on

Crash report should include:

  • Current MPD status (playing, stopped, ...)

  • Custom /etc/mpdlcd.conf file content

  • Current MPDLcd version, as given by mpdlcd --version

  • Full output from running MPDLcd in debug mode, typically with the following options:

    mpdlcd --no-syslog --logfile=- --loglevel=debug


The main channel for reporting issues would be

I'm also available:

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