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The main purpose of the application would be to become a classroom necessity for students/professors. There are three primary parts to this project: 1) The app flow for attendance would be the professor sets a time range for attendance (i.e. first five minutes of class) and a location (i.e. Moffitt), and the student must be present in that location in order to sign into attendance. 2) The students can ask questions to the professor through the application which can significantly improve the class’s efficiency as the student tends to focus so hard on their question that they don’t pay attention to what the lecturer is saying. Some students are also afraid to speak up in class so asking within the app would also help increase reactivity with the students. The student can also indicate to the professor if he/she is not understanding the material well, so the professor knows whether to slow down/speed up. 3) The professor can see the information in a really simple web app and can react accordingly. The professor can also ask questions through the app (really simple polls).

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