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API Notation Syntax for Vim

This is a syntax for api notation, a simple notation I've been using for annotating module APIs in specs and other documents.


Install with pathogen:

  1. Clone the repo or copy the files to your .vim/bundle dir
  2. Reload the vim
  3. Enjoy the vim

API Notation Reference

The most recent reference as of now is in this gist, so check that to be sure. But here's a reproduction of the notation.

   + class property
   - instance property
  ~> listened events (socket)
  +> listened events (class/module)
  -> listened events (instance)
  <~ dispatched events (socket)
  <+ dispatched events(class/module)
  <- dispatched events (instance)
  :: class method
   # instance method

Other symbols
  => returns
->() callback return
[xx] optional
<xx> data type

Recommended order: class first, then sockets, then instance. Internally:
Properties, events, methods.

// Anything after two forward slashes is a comment

How does it look like?

Like this.

Like this.