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The command line client for lyrics

This is a quick introduction for Lyricli. Right now it's in really early stages of development, so it's lacking in a lot of stuff (mainly tests and documentation) ... But it generally works and here's a tutorial to see how to get it working.


gem install lyricli


Lyricli can be invoked with the command lrc and there are three basic ways of using it:


When you run it without arguments, it will look in the available sources to try to find a playing song and extract the lyrics.

lrc artist song

When you run it with arguments, it will use them to search for the lyrics. This won't work if you manually disable the arguments source in your configuration file.


The third way to use it is by passing it one of the following special commands:

  • lrc -l or lrc --list-sources lists the available sources.
  • lrc -e or lrc --enable SOURCE enable a source from the list.
  • lrc -d or lrc --disable SOURCE disable a source from the list.
  • lrc -r or lrc --reset SOURCE reset all configuration for a source.
  • lrc -v or lrc --version show the installed version of lyricli.
  • lrc -h or lrc --help display some help

It always gives me rdio even if using iTunes

Due to the way the rdio API works, we can't tell if you're actively listen and it always returns the last song. Currently the best way to have the sources correctly is to enable rdio first and then itunes. If you enabled itunes first, you can just disable and re-enable and it should fix it.


There is not much defined right now as a roadmap, but this needs to be done:

  • Specs for all the components
  • YARD documentation for all the components

And the first thing I want to work on after that is done is separating the Lyrics Engines so we can add/remove lyrics engines in a similar way to how we currently add/remove sources.

Also, I want to add the last song to the configuration, so you can check that. This would let us "watch" lyricli without hammering the lyrics wiki api

Also, during the enable phase, sources like iTunes should check for proper OS and stop if they're not in their home turf.

Leave Feedback Please!

If you decide to use or hack away at Lyricly, please don't forget to post any issues you find.


Licensed under 3-clause-BSD.