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MathBook XML

A lightweight XML application for authors of scientific articles, textbooks and monographs.

GPL License.

Be sure to checkout the dev branch, master is currently a fiction.

Quickstart instructions at project website:

Help and development discussions: Google Group mathboook-xml-support

MathBook XML (MBX) is guided by the following principles:

  1. MBX is a markup language that captures the structure of textbooks and research papers in the mathematical sciences.
  2. MBX is human-readable and human-writable.
  3. MBX documents serve as a single source which can be easily converted to multiple other formats, current and future.
  4. MBX respects the good design practices which have been developed over the past centuries.
  5. MBX makes it easy for authors to implement features which are both common and reasonable.
  6. MBX supports online documents which make use of the full capabilities of the Web.
  7. MBX output is styled by selecting from a list of available templates, relieving the author of the burden involved in micromanaging the output format.
  8. MBX is free: the software is available at no cost, with an open license. The use of MBX does not impose any constraints on documents prepared with the system.
  9. MBX is not a closed system: documents can be converted to LaTeX and then developed using standard LaTeX tools.