Contribution process

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Your help is highly appreciated!

It's recommended to create an own GitHub account at This way you get updates on your posted issues. Also source code integration as easier for the project team.

Bug reports or feature requests

Please submit bug reports or feature requests via the Issue tracker at

Code contributions

  1. Make and test your modifications.
  2. "Fork" the project to your GitHub account and send us a "Pull Request". If you don't have a GitHub account submit your patch to one of the project team members.
  3. A technical review will be done by the project team. In cooperation with you, the patch will be improved to meet the technical quality.
  4. Before we integrate your contribution in the official BUSMASTER repository, you need to sign the Contributor Agreement. This is available for entities at and for individuals at Please send the signed copy to
  5. As a contributor we appreciate your support in resolving integration issues (if any) into OSS and bug-fixes (if any) for a minimum duration of 6 months post submission.
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