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Use with Chef #2

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Hi Sam,

Attempting to use rbenv-vars with Chef, but Chef never seems to see the per project environment variables.

Example that works perfectly and respects the RAILS_ENV defined in .rbenv-vars when run manually:

cd /mnt/app/current && /mnt/app/current/bin/rake assets:precompile

Chef recipe that does not see any rbenv-vars and fails because that rake task defaults to RAILS_ENV=production:

bash "Precompile assets" do
  cwd "/mnt/app/releases/xxxx"
  user app['owner']
  group app['group']
  code "mnt/app/releases/xxxx/bin/rake assets:precompile"

I know I can't assume that you're familiar with Chef, but just wondering if you have any hunches as to what might be wrong or what steps I might take to get it working.



Sorry, I don't know. Try running with RBENV_DEBUG=1 set to see the full execution trace.

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