Generated shims should guarantee rbenv shims and bin on path. #257

leehambley opened this Issue Aug 26, 2012 · 1 comment


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I think this would be sensible, considering the following runit file for a Unicorn host:


cd /opt/sites/web_application/current

exec 2>&1
exec chpst -u www-data /usr/local/rbenv/shims/unicorn_rails --config-file /etc/unicorn/web_application.rb

(Which fails, complaining that it cannot find rbenv on the $PATH)


mislav commented Dec 13, 2012

Yes, our shim files don't have these paths hardcoded. It is assumed that your environment has it. If you're executing shims from an environment where there is no rbenv set up, it will fail. In these cases, you'll have to set up PATH yourself, or make wrapper scripts for things like unicorn_rails (recommended)

@mislav mislav closed this Dec 13, 2012

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