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@mislav mislav released this Mar 25, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

  • Fix rehash mechanism for versions of bash that complain about clobbering /dev/null

  • Enforce absolute RBENV_DIR to avoid having to unset CDPATH

  • rbenv-version-file: ensure that the version file is a file

  • rbenv init -: fix output to work without args and set -u

  • rbenv shell: better error message when shell integration wasn't enabled

  • Enable freezing rbenv version via rbenv version-name > .ruby-version in the shell

  • rbenv-which: avoid changing PATH unless necessary

  • rbenv-prefix: do not silence rbenv-which errors for system version

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@mislav mislav released this Jun 15, 2017 · 52 commits to master since this release

  • Fix setting environment variable in fish shell
  • Rename OLD_RBENV_VERSION to RBENV_* convention
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@mislav mislav released this Nov 25, 2016 · 60 commits to master since this release

Backwards incompatible:

  • Remove deprecated ruby-local-exec executable
  • Remove support for .rbenv-version legacy version file
  • Remove support for default, global legacy global version files


  • Add support for rbenv shell - style of invocation that restores previous version


  • Adopt Contributor Covenant 1.4
  • Replace . with source for fish shell
  • Unset CDPATH if it's set by the user
  • Fix rbenv <cmd> --help for sh-* commands
  • Expand literal tilde in PATH
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@mislav mislav released this Dec 24, 2015 · 104 commits to master since this release

rbenv is a robust tool that follows the UNIX methodology to implement per-project selection of Ruby versions and related runtime environment. The rbenv community maintains an ecosystem of plugins, and rbenv has inspired many other forks for managing environments of different programming languages and other software tools.

rbenv works by:

  1. Having its shims/ directory prepended to PATH environment variable;
  2. Reading a .ruby-version file in the project's directory that specifies the Ruby version to be activated.

How to install/upgrade

The rbenv-installer script automates installation or upgrading rbenv on your system with either Homebrew (if available) or by using git to install to ~/.rbenv directory.

For manual installation instructions and more details, see Installation chapter of rbenv README.

Changes since v0.4.0

Speed 🐎

  • Speed up rbenv with dynamically loaded realpath C extension
  • Speed up rbenv rehash when there are many Ruby versions with similar sets of executables
  • Improve performance of rbenv-which for "system" version
  • Avoid rbenv-exec calling out to rbenv-version-name twice

To compile the optional C extension that speeds up rbenv across the board:

# substitute with location where you installed rbenv source:
$ cd ~/.rbenv
$ src/configure && make -C src

New features 🎁

  • New plugin hooks version-name and version-origin enable plugin authors to hook into version selection logic.
  • rbenv versions --skip-aliases --bare will only list versions that are not aliases (symlinks) for other versions.
  • rbenv version-file <dir> finds a .ruby-version file in the target directory or any of its parent directories.
  • rbenv init now recognizes and supports fish shell syntax. 🐟
  • rbenv --debug <command> is a shortcut for enabling RBENV_DEBUG.

Shell integration 🐚

  • Fix rbenv() shell function in ksh and dash
  • Ubuntu fix: use source instead of .
  • Reliably detect user's current shell in rbenv init
  • Improve detection of completion support for commands
  • Fix detecting completions support on OpenBSD
  • Check if completion script is readable
  • Suppress shell warnings when hashing is disabled by set +h
  • rbenv() shell function preserves multiline output of sh-* commands

General enhancements

  • rbenv local now respects .ruby-version file in parent directories as well
  • rbenv versions now emits a warning when no Ruby versions were found
  • Consistently support rbenv <command> --help as alternative to rbenv help <command>
  • Improve parsing of git revision in rbenv --version when rbenv was installed from git
  • Export PS4 when RBENV_DEBUG is set for more informative debug output

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fix incorrect formatting of rbenv-help output under MAWK (Ubuntu)
  • Prefer gawk over awk if both are available
  • Fix resolving symlinks in rbenv-hooks
  • Fix iterating through paths that have spaces in them
  • Fix rbenv rehash when paths have spaces in them
  • More useful error message when rehash fails on a non-writable directory
  • Make rbenv-exec fail for invalid Ruby version
  • Bail out early if readlink is not available
  • Properly resolve symlinks when listing hook scripts
  • Better error message for rbenv prefix system
  • Fix reading .ruby-version on platforms that don't support process substitution
  • Remove carriage return characters in .ruby-version files
  • Fixes rbenv on OpenBSD and other systems that don't support head -c
  • Guard against exported CDPATH
  • Ensure that IFS is reset to its original value within hook scripts
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 340 commits to master since this release

New features

  • rbenv now prefers .ruby-version files to .rbenv-version files
    for specifying local application-specific versions. The
    .ruby-version file has the same format as .rbenv-version but is
    compatible with other Ruby version
  • Deprecated ruby-local-exec and moved its functionality into the
    standard ruby shim. See the ruby-local-exec wiki
    upgrade instructions.
  • Modified shims to include the full path to rbenv so that they can be
    invoked without having rbenv's bin directory in the $PATH.
  • Reworked rbenv help so that usage and documentation is stored as a
    comment in each subcommand, enabling plugin commands to hook into
    the help system.
  • Added support for full completion of the command line, not just the
    first argument.
  • Added rbenv --version for printing the current version of rbenv.
  • Added /usr/lib/rbenv/hooks to the plugin hook search path.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • Sped up rbenv init by avoiding rbenv reinitialization and by
    using a simpler indexing approach.
  • Updated installation instructions for Zsh and Ubuntu users.
  • Fixed rbenv which and rbenv prefix with system Ruby versions.
  • Changed rbenv exec to avoid prepending the system Ruby location to
    $PATH to fix issues running system Ruby commands that invoke other
  • Changed rbenv rehash to ensure it exits with a 0 status code under
    normal operation, and to ensure outdated shims are removed first
    when rehashing.
  • Modified rbenv rehash to run hash -r afterwards, when shell
    integration is enabled, to ensure the shell's command cache is
  • Removed use of the += operator to support older versions of Bash.
  • Adjusted non-bare rbenv versions output to include system, if
  • Improved documentation for installing and uninstalling Ruby
  • Fixed rbenv versions not to display a warning if the currently
    specified version doesn't exist.
  • Fixed an instance of local variable leakage in the rbenv shell
    function wrapper.
  • Changed rbenv shell to ensure it exits with a non-zero status on
  • Fixed rbenv which to account for path entries with spaces.
  • Changed rbenv init to accept option arguments in any order.
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 436 commits to master since this release

  • Added an rbenv root command which prints the value of
    $RBENV_ROOT, or the default root directory if it's unset.
  • Clarified Zsh installation instructions in the Readme.
  • Removed some redundant code in rbenv rehash.
  • Fixed an issue with calling readlink for paths with spaces.
  • Changed Zsh initialization code to install completion hooks only for
    interactive shells.
  • Added preliminary support for ksh.
  • rbenv rehash creates or removes shims only when necessary instead
    of removing and re-creating all shims on each invocation.
  • Fixed that RBENV_DIR, when specified, would be incorrectly
    expanded to its parent directory.
  • Removed the deprecated set-default and set-local commands.
  • Added a --no-rehash option to rbenv init for skipping the
    automatic rehash when opening a new shell.
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 454 commits to master since this release

  • Changed the rbenv command to ensure that RBENV_DIR is always an
    absolute path. This fixes an issue where Ruby scripts using the
    ruby-local-exec wrapper would go into an infinite loop when
    invoked with a relative path from the command line.
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 461 commits to master since this release

  • Renamed rbenv set-default to rbenv global and rbenv set-local
    to rbenv local. The set- commands are deprecated and will be
    removed in the next major release.
  • rbenv now uses greadlink on Solaris.
  • Added a ruby-local-exec command which can be used in shebangs in
    place of #!/usr/bin/env ruby to properly set the project-specific
    Ruby version regardless of current working directory.
  • Fixed an issue with rbenv rehash when no binaries are present.
  • Added support for rbenv-sh-* commands, which run inside the
    current shell instead of in a child process.
  • Added an rbenv shell command for conveniently setting the
    $RBENV_VERSION environment variable.
  • Added support for storing rbenv versions and shims in directories
    other than ~/.rbenv with the $RBENV_ROOT environment variable.
  • Added support for debugging rbenv via set -x when the
    $RBENV_DEBUG environment variable is set.
  • Refactored the autocompletion system so that completions are now
    built-in to each command and shared between bash and Zsh.
  • Added support for plugin bundles in ~/.rbenv/plugins as documented
    in #102.
  • Added /usr/local/etc/rbenv.d to the list of directories searched
    for rbenv hooks.
  • Added support for an $RBENV_DIR environment variable which
    defaults to the current working directory for specifying where rbenv
    searches for local version files.
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 560 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed rbenv to be more resilient against nonexistent entries in
  • Made the rbenv rehash command operate atomically.
  • Modified the rbenv init script to automatically run rbenv rehash so that shims are recreated whenever a new shell is opened.
  • Added initial support for Zsh autocompletion.
  • Removed the dependency on egrep for reading version files.
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@mislav mislav released this Oct 7, 2013 · 568 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a syntax error in the rbenv help command.
  • Removed -e from the shebang in favor of set -e at the top of
    each file for compatibility with operating systems that do not
    support more than one argument in the shebang.
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