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mislav Disallow path segments and directory traversal in `.ruby-version` files
A malicious `.ruby-version` file in the current directory could inject
`../../../` into the version string and trigger execution of binaries
outside of `RBENV_ROOT/versions/`.

Fixes #977 OVE-20170303-0004
Latest commit 370c26a Apr 3, 2019
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--version.bats Improve `git --version` git revision lookup Dec 24, 2015
completions.bats add --help to subcommand completions Nov 19, 2015
exec.bats Use create_hook helper Jan 4, 2016
help.bats add tests for `help` and `rbenv --version` Apr 8, 2013
hooks.bats Use create_hook helper Jan 4, 2016
init.bats Revert quoting change in previous commit; adjust test to match code May 16, 2017
local.bats Remove support for legacy version file Dec 29, 2015
prefix.bats rbenv-prefix: do not silence rbenv-which for system version Aug 6, 2018
rbenv.bats Extract common create_hook helper Jan 4, 2016
run Create `configure` script to generate a cross-platform Makefile Oct 13, 2014
shell.bats Add tests for shell integration Dec 7, 2017
test_helper.bash Keep original ordering of PATH configuration Aug 2, 2016
version-file-read.bats Disallow path segments and directory traversal in `.ruby-version` files Apr 3, 2019
version-file-write.bats add tests for version commands Apr 8, 2013
version-file.bats Fix #1065 Feb 26, 2018
version-name.bats Test IFS handling in version-name/version-origin hooks Jan 4, 2016
version-origin.bats Fix #1065 Feb 26, 2018
version.bats Move carriage return test to version-file-read Mar 21, 2014
versions.bats Add `rbenv versions --skip-aliases` option Oct 27, 2015
whence.bats undo `assert_output_lines` in tests Apr 8, 2013
which.bats test/which.bats: do not export PATH Nov 20, 2017
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