rbenv fails to install 2.1.0 on ubuntu 14.04 #528

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mspanc commented Mar 18, 2014

rbenv fails to install 2.1.0 on ubuntu 14.04


$ rbenv install 2.1.0
Downloading yaml-0.1.5.tar.gz...
-> http://dqw8nmjcqpjn7.cloudfront.net/24f6093c1e840ca5df2eb09291a1dbf1
Installing yaml-0.1.5...
Installed yaml-0.1.5 to /home/marcin/.rbenv/versions/2.1.0

Downloading ruby-2.1.0.tar.gz...
-> http://dqw8nmjcqpjn7.cloudfront.net/9e6386d53f5200a3e7069107405b93f7
Installing ruby-2.1.0...


Inspect or clean up the working tree at /tmp/ruby-build.20140318155530.23511
Results logged to /tmp/ruby-build.20140318155530.23511.log

Last 10 log lines:
compiling ossl_pkey_dsa.c
compiling ossl_bn.c
compiling ossl_engine.c
compiling ossl_x509attr.c
compiling ossl.c
installing default openssl libraries
linking shared-object openssl.so
make[2]: Opuszczenie katalogu `/tmp/ruby-build.20140318155530.23511/ruby-2.1.0/ext/openssl'
make[1]: Opuszczenie katalogu `/tmp/ruby-build.20140318155530.23511/ruby-2.1.0'
make: *** [build-ext] Błąd 2


I've checked as suggested here: rbenv/rbenv#565 (comment) and I have all packages in place.

hsbt commented Mar 19, 2014

Please use Ruby 2.1.1 or this instructions

mislav commented Mar 19, 2014

@hsbt So those instructions are not necessarily exclusively for Fedora/Red Hat, but depending on the OpenSSL version on the system? I should rename the heading on the wiki then

hsbt commented Mar 19, 2014

@mislav @saepia oh. I'm sorry. I missed failure logs. this error caused by readline-6.3. Related to #526

mislav commented Mar 19, 2014

@saepia Can you try applying the patch as described in #526 (comment) and report if it helps? I tried the patch with Ruby 2.1.1 but it should probably work with 2.1.0 as well


@mislav I updated the patch to apply to 2.1.0 here, and it built. Thanks!

It's a trivial repackaging of your patch.

@mislav mislav added the x-platform label Apr 5, 2014

@PaulOstazeski I believe there's a typo in your patch... I had to change r1_hook_func_t to rl_hook_func_t to get it to compile 2.1.1

orendon commented May 1, 2014

thanks @mislav curl -fsSL https://gist.github.com/mislav/a18b9d7f0dc5b9efc162.txt | rbenv install --patch 2.1.1 works on ubuntu 14.04

hsbt commented May 9, 2014

Ruby 2.1.2 is released now. Please build it.

@hsbt hsbt closed this May 9, 2014

yeah, 2.1.2 works nice 👍

curl -fsSL https://gist.github.com/mislav/a18b9d7f0dc5b9efc162.txt | rbenv install --patch 2.1.2
g-ilham commented Jul 10, 2014

fix the problem:

curl -fsSL https://gist.github.com/mislav/a18b9d7f0dc5b9efc162.txt | rbenv install --patch 2.1.2


If somebody still needs 2.1.0 version, then I prepared fixed version patch from @PaulOstazeski according to @xicreative notice.

curl -fsSL https://gist.githubusercontent.com/chrosciu/daa47f611104e6929c35/raw/a5054f2b3595c6464c280dd328ee03b9563f8c3c/readline.patch | rbenv install --patch 2.1.0

Works at least in Linux Mint 17 (and should also in Ubuntu 14.04)

@jvanbaarsen jvanbaarsen referenced this issue in intercity/chef-repo Apr 13, 2015

Failed to install ruby 2.0.0 #149

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