@mlitwiniuk mlitwiniuk Fix `gcc5` package name for Arch Linux build environment Jul 18, 2017 742a76f
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@rlue rlue Added "gcc7 compatibility" section per #1092. Also did a little copyediting. Jul 10, 2017 2750b79
@rhenium rhenium Installing Ruby < 2.4 on Debian stretch or Arch Linux May 11, 2017 6d1c21c
@SirCmpwn SirCmpwn Add --needed to pacman line Apr 4, 2017 c20acd8
@koraktor koraktor Homebrew does no longer allow linking of OpenSSL 0.9.8 Jan 22, 2017 24e4854
@FiveYellowMice FiveYellowMice Add "SSLv3_method undeclared" patch for Ruby 1.9.3 Nov 26, 2016 bc96966
@yous yous openssl098 has been removed from Homebrew/homebrew-versions Apr 16, 2016 182ae29
@mislav mislav Suggest bzip2 for CentOS/Fedora Jan 8, 2016 d503d00
@DawidJanczak DawidJanczak `--with-readline-dir` should point to the directory, not the `.so` file. Dec 20, 2015 5224da2
@pjg pjg Add instructions for installing 1.8.7 on El Capitan Dec 13, 2015 7d4daac
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@xw19 xw19 Replacing yum with dnf for fedora 22 and above Nov 11, 2015 4345c77
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@Anakros Anakros Fixed typo, added --enable-shared usage example Jan 10, 2015 8373540
@SouravMoitra SouravMoitra Added openSUSE dependencies for compiling ruby Jan 8, 2015 87fed59
@SouravMoitra SouravMoitra Updated packages for fedora and arch linux with refernce from https://github.com/postmodern/chruby/wiki/Ruby Jan 7, 2015 76ca804
@alau alau Update link to patch (previous one requires being logged in) Jan 3, 2015 b7d0811
@SouravMoitra SouravMoitra For gdbm ubuntu-14.04 uses two packages libgdbm3 and libgdbm-dev Jan 2, 2015 234f446
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