Listen to YouTube videos while washing the dishes
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COPYING -- listen to YouTube videos while washing the dishes does only one thing: it downloads videos from YouTube (actually, from any website that youtube-dl can talk to) and then serves their audio portion over HTTP. You can then stream the audio to your smartphone or similar device.

I wrote it because I want to be able to "watch" to talks and tutorials on YouTube without having to deal with their app.

The script is pretty simple and depends on python3 and youtube-dl. I'll be expanding on these notes and adding features as I need them.


By default, downloads a video, converts it to vorbis and serves the file at port 8000. If that's what you need, simply run [link to YouTube video]

To download this video from YouTube, have it converted to mp3 and served at port 8080, run: -f mp3 -port 8080


  • " is using the built-in options for port and filetype.
    • You are probably giving the YouTube link before the options. Instead, run like this: [options] [link to YouTube video].


  • Implement a way of showing your local IP, for convenience. I could grep and awk this from ifconfig, but not everybody uses the same interfaces.
  • Create install scripts and package for Arch Linux.
  • Enjoy the script.