An example sbt project to work with Processing ( in Scala
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Sample Scala project with Processing

You will need to download Processing and add core.jar to the lib folder.

You will also need to have the native library bindings available in your system.

See this blog post for some pointers.

If you have problems with the OpenGL bindings or drivers (problems with jogl on import / compile / run) try to change the call to size by removing PConstants.P3D (so, just 2 size parameters) main.scala. This will use a native Java writer instead of one of the OpenGL bindings (PConstants.P3D or PConstants.P2D). This will let you check if you have an OpenGL issue. Beware, the default renderer left ghost trails on zoom. Use only for debugging.

Note: this is a toy project to get Processing up and running. The quality of the images generated is poor. In a more complete implementation, aside from speed up tricks (attraction basin checks, for instance) I would add antialiasing. It is not that hard to add, but here I wanted to have a shot at making it work and be slightly interactive.

Also, Processing works the way it works, so I need vars, at least for now. It saddens me more than you...


sbt run

Press q to quit.

Press g to switch from continuous grayscale potential and pure black and white based on distance (delta is automated)

Click to zoom where you click (zoom factor, iteration limit and distance estimate are roughly automated)

Current image is automatically saved as image.png in the root folder.

Some sample images