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Provides your cookbooks with the Artifact Deploy LWRP

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Artifact cookbook

Provides your cookbooks with the Artifact Deploy LWRP


  • Chef 10

Resources / Providers


Deploys a collection of build artifacts packaged into a tar ball. Artifacts are extracted from the package and managed in a deploy directory in the same fashion you've seen in the Opscode deploy resource or Capistrano's default deploy strategy.


Action Description Default
deploy Deploy the artifact package Yes


Attribute Description Type Default
artifact_name Name of the artifact package to deploy String name
artifact_location URL, local path, or Maven identifier of the artifact package to download String
deploy_to Deploy directory where releases are stored and linked String
version Version of the artifact being deployed String
owner Owner of files created and modified String
group Group of files created and modified String
environment An environment hash used by resources within the provider Hash
symlinks A hash that maps files in the shared directory to their paths in the current release Hash
shared_directories Directories to be created in the shared folder Array %w{ log pids }
before_migrate A proc containing resources to be executed before the migration Proc Proc
after_migrate A proc containing resources to be executed after the migration Proc Proc
migrate A proc containing resources to be executed during the migration stage Proc
restart_proc A proc containing resources to be executed at the end of a successful deploy Proc
before_symlink A proc containing resources to be executed before the symlinks are created Proc
force Forcefully deploy an artifact even if the artifact has already been deployed Boolean false
should_migrate Notify the provider if it should perform application migrations Boolean false
keep Specify a number of artifacts deployments to keep on disk Integer 2

Nexus Usage

In order to deploy an artifact from a Nexus repository, you must first create an encrypted data bag that contains the credentials for your Nexus repository.

knife data bag create artifact nexus -c <your chef config> --secret-file=<your secret file>

Your data bag should look like the following:

  "id": "nexus",
  "your_chef_environment": {
    "username": "nexus_user",
    "password": "nexus_user_password",
    "url": "",
    "repository": "your_repository"

After your encrypted data bag is setup you can use Maven identifiers for your artifact_location. If many environments share the same configuration, you can use "*" as a wildcard environment name.


Deploying a Rails application
artifact_deploy "pvpnet" do
  version "1.0.0"
  artifact_location ""
  deploy_to "/srv/pvpnet"
  owner "riot"
  group "riot"
  environment { 'RAILS_ENV' => 'production' }
  shared_directories %w{ data log pids system vendor_bundle assets }

  before_migrate {
    template "#{shared_path}/database.yml" do
      source "database.yml.erb"
      owner node[:merlin][:owner]
      group node[:merlin][:group]
      mode "0644"
        :environment => environment,
        :options => database_options

    execute "bundle install --local --path=vendor/bundle --without test development cucumber --binstubs" do
      environment { 'RAILS_ENV' => 'production' }
      user "riot"
      group "riot"

  migrate {
    execute "bundle exec rake db:migrate" do
      environment { 'RAILS_ENV' => 'production' }
      user "riot"
      group "riot"

  after_migrate {
    ruby_block "remove_run_migrations" do
      block do"Migrations were run, removing role[pvpnet_run_migrations]")

  restart_proc {
    bluepill_service 'pvpnet-unicorn' do 
      action :restart

  keep 2
  should_migrate true(node[:pvpnet][:should_migrate] ? true : false)
  force (node[:pvpnet][:force_deploy] ? true : false)
  action :deploy


  1. Install the prerequisite gems

    $ gem install chef
    $ gem install thor
  2. Increment the version number in the metadata.rb file

  3. Run the Thor release task to create a tag and push to the community site

    $ thor release

License and Author

Author:: Jamie Winsor (

Copyright 2012, Riot Games

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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