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Introspective dashboard for Graphite
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Provide an additional level of insight and collaboration that is neither available nor appropriate for a real-time utility such as Tasseo.


Design, build and deploy a dashboard that allows users to correlate multiple metrics in a single chart, review long-term trends across one or more charts, and to collaborate with other users through a combination of annotations and related comment threads. This product should be capable of the following sample tasks:

  • Display complex charts (2+ disparate metrics including transformations)
  • Group related charts into a single view
  • Timeshift charts within the same view
  • Import existing graphs from external sources (e.g. Graphite API)
  • Modify graphs using native interface tooling (i.e. users should not have to use Graphite Composer to make changes)
  • Create new graphs using native interface tooling
  • Add notes (annotations) to charts
  • Add comments associated with specific annotations


Descartes stores configuration data in PostgreSQL and Google OpenID state in Redis. It is assumed you have local PostgreSQL and Redis servers running for local development.

Service Dependencies

  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis


  • USE_SVG - When set to true, will cause Descartes to load SVG output from Graphite instead of the default PNG output. In the future SVG will become the default format, but there is currently a bug in stable Graphite (0.9.10 as of this writing) which causes SVG rendering to fail whenever secondYAxis is enabled on any target in a graph.

  • GRAPH_TEMPLATE - Specify the Graphite graph template to use when rendering graphs.

Sessions and Authorization

The default session cookie should be randomized by setting SESSION_SECRET to a random string.

Descartes provides organizational authorization using either Google OpenID or GitHub OAuth. The OAUTH_PROVIDER environment variable can be set to either google or github to determine which type to use.

Based on OAUTH_PROVIDER, some additional environment variables must be set:

Google OpenID


GitHub OAuth

A new GitHub application will need to be registered. The Main and Callback URLs should be the URL of your application.

  • GITHUB_ORG_ID (The name of your organization)

Graphite Server Configuration

In order to support CORS with JSON instead of JSONP, we need to allow specific headers and allow the cross-domain origin request. The following are suggested settings for Apache 2.x. Adjust as necessary for your environment or webserver.

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Methods "GET, OPTIONS"
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Headers "origin, authorization, accept"

If your Graphite composer is proteced by basic authentication, you have to ensure that the HTTP verb OPTIONS is allowed unauthenticated. This looks like the following for Apache:

<Location />
    AuthName "graphs restricted"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/htpasswd
    <LimitExcept OPTIONS>
      require valid-user

See for an Nginx example.


Descartes uses the Sinatra web framework under Ruby 1.9. Anyone wishing to run Descartes as a local service should be familiar with common Ruby packaging and dependency management utilities such as RVM and Bundler. If you are installing a new Ruby version with RVM, make sure that you have the appropriate OpenSSL development libraries installed before compiling Ruby.

$ rvm use 1.9.2
$ bundle install
$ export OAUTH_PROVIDER=...
$ export <auth provider tokens>=...
$ export GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ export SESSION_SECRET=...
$ createdb descartes
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate:up
$ foreman start
$ open


$ export DEPLOY=production/staging/you
$ heroku create -r $DEPLOY -s cedar
$ heroku addons:add redistogo -r $DEPLOY
$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev -r $DEPLOY
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY OAUTH_PROVIDER=...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY <auth provider tokens>=...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY GRAPHITE_URL=...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY SESSION_SECRET...
$ heroku config:set -r $DEPLOY RAKE_ENV=production
$ git push $DEPLOY master
$ heroku run bundle exec rake db:migrate:up
$ heroku scale -r $DEPLOY web=1
$ heroku open -r $DEPLOY


Descartes is distributed under the MIT license. Third-party software libraries included with this project are distributed under their respective licenses.

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