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My Fork of the Emacs Starter Kit

This is Mudphone's RUNA fork of the Emacs Starter Kit (by Technomancy). See README_orig.markdown for the basics. Or, checkout the original project page.


  1. Clone or fork this project.

    Forking is easier, as it will automatically create a github project for you (and you'll show up in the network graph).

  2. Create a .emacs.d link to this project.

    For example, if you forked and cloned the project as:

    $ cd ~/work/emacs
    $ git clone git://<your user name>/emacs-starter-kit.git

    If you already have a .emacs.d directory, you should rename it (unless you don't want it any more).

    Then, you can create your link like so:

    $ cd ~/.
    $ ln -s ~/work/emacs/emacs-starter-kit .emacs.d
  3. Update ELPA Packages

    M-x package-list-packages i - next to each package you want

    • Recommended non-default packages:

      • clojure-mode
      • clojure-test-mode
      • magit
      • rinari
      • yasnippet-bundle
    • Automatically installed by the above modes:

      • slime
      • slime-repl
      • swank-clojure
    • Note: It is not required to install paredit here.

  4. Refresh all submodules

    You must refresh all submodules:

    $ cd ~/.emacs.d
    $ git submodule init
    $ git submodule update

Feature Highlights


RSpec-Mode: vendor/rspec-mode (submodule) allows for single spec or whole file spec running

    (define-key map (kbd "\C-c s") 'run-specs)
    (define-key map (kbd "\C-c f") 'run-focused-spec)


  1. Personal: vendor/mudpone/user.el I create a symlink to my custom configs from .emacs.d/.el

  2. Personal: vendor/mudphone/user I create a symlink to my custom load dir from .emacs.d/

  3. Runa: vendor/mudphone/runa.el customized RUNA keyword syntax highlighting

  4. Maxframe: vendor/mudphone/maxframe.el maximizes emacs frame on start-up

  5. Textmate: vendor/mudphone/textmate.el several Textmate feature emulations

       (define-key map [(meta return)] 'textmate-next-line)
       (define-key map [(control tab)] 'textmate-shift-right)
       (define-key map [(control shift tab)] 'textmate-shift-left)
       (define-key map [(control meta \;)]
       (define-key map [(meta t)] 'textmate-goto-file)


Instructions for using customizations:

  • .authinfo.template
  • .erc-auth.
  • ercrc.el
  • eshell-customizations.el
Gnus (for Gmail):
  • .gnus.el.template

In the meantime, check the comments at the top of these files for info.

Happy hacking!!!