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An extensible Sinatra dashboard for Riemann. Connects to Riemann over the network and shows events matching the queries you configure.

Get started

gem install riemann-dash

Riemann-dash will connect to a local Riemann server on port 5555, and display a basic dashboard of all events in that server's index.


Riemann-dash takes an optional config file, which you can specify as the first command-line argument. If none is given, it looks for a file in the local directory: config.rb. That file can override any configuration options on the Dash class (hence all Sinatra configuration) as well as the Riemann client options, etc.

set :port, 6000 # HTTP server on port 6000
config[:client][:host] = 'my.ustate.server'

You'll probably want a more specific dashboard:

config[:view] = 'my/custom/view'

Then you can write your own index.erb (and other views too, if you like). I've provided an default stylesheet, layout, and dashboard in lib/riemann/dash/views--as well as an extensive set of functions for laying out events from a given query: see lib/riemann/dash/helper/renderer.rb.

A long history with cacti, nagios, and the like has convinced me that a.) web configuration of dashboards is inevitably slower than just writing the code and b.) you're almost certainly going to want to need more functions than I can give you. My goal is to give you the tools to make it easier and get out of your way.

An example config.rb, additional controllers, views, and public directory are all in doc/dash. Should give you ideas for extending the dashboard for your own needs.