DevStructure's custom Ubuntu setup, based on Maverick.
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Ubuntu for DevStructure

Build a custom Ubuntu ISO for DevStructure by downloading, extracting, tweaking, and packaging the stock Ubuntu ISO.

Build dependencies

  • curl(1).
  • hdiutil(1), and therefore Mac OS X. It may be possible to relax this dependency but it has not been investigated.
  • m4(1).
  • mkisofs(1) from the cdrtools package available from MacPorts or Homebrew.

Runtime dependencies

The results are bootable ISO images and so should run on any i386 or amd64 hardware. They are only tested in VirtualBox.

Features in the ISO

  • Network access is configured using sane default settings. WiFi is not supported.
  • The hostname is devstructure; the domain is These are configurable.
  • The system clock is set to UTC.
  • The entire disk is partitioned ext4 without LVM.
  • The default kernel for the architecture is used. linux-server for amd64 and linux-generic-pae for i386.
  • The root and vagrant users exist; both their password are vagrant. Vagrant's standard insecure SSH key is authorized for vagrant. These are all configurable.
  • DevStructure's Debian archive is added to the source list.
  • OpenSSH server is installed.
  • VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed.

Features in the Vagrant boxes

  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • RubyGems 1.3.7
  • Chef 0.9.12


Building ISO images:


Building virtual machines through VirtualBox:


Building Vagrant boxes:


There are matching clean-{iso,vbox,vagrant} programs that remove the products of their build counterparts.