Docker image for files synchronization with Google Drive using Insync.
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Docker image for synchronizing files with Google Drive using Insync ( Insync is a Google Drive synchronization client that work well on linux. You need to buy a licence for using Insync.

Build the image

To create this image, execute the following command in the docker-insync folder.

docker build \
    -t rberidon/insync \

Run the image

Execute the following command to run your image. The first time it started, you need to add your Google account and eventually select the files to synchronize.

docker run \
    --name insync \
    --volumes-from <data volume container> \
      -d \

Setup insync

You first need to setup Insync in order to synchronize your files with Google Drive. To get the authenticatiom code, go to and follow prompts.

docker exec \
    -i \
    -t \
    insync \
    /usr/local/bin/ <account> <auth_code>

Then optionally, select the files to synchronize. You certainly not need to synchronize all your drive here.

docker exec \
    -i \
    -t \
    insync \
    /usr/local/bin/ <account>

It will start a curses interface for selecting the files to synchronize. You could also manage the files to ignore.

docker exec \
    -i \
    -t \
    insync \
    /usr/local/bin/ <account>

It will start a curses interface to manage the ignore list.