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Script for backing up Xenserver
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What is xenbackup-ng

xebackup-ng is a perl script for making backups of your xenserver infrastructure.

Changelog and New Features

  • 2019-05-14: added pigz support, updated readme, added cron example file
  • 2017-09-29: added xe remote cli support if snapshot mode selected, no snapshot is taken when vm is halted
  • 2017-05-09: added Tag and vApp support in selection


You can execute this script directly on your XenServer host or on a dedicated machine.

XenServer 6.0 and up

For installation on a generic linux machine (for connecting via remote xe cli):


The easiest way is to download it from github, so open a console and type:

cd ~

unzip master -d /opt
mv /opt/xenbackup-ng-master /opt/xenbackup-ng


cd /opt
git clone


Please refer to file conf/xenbackup.conf and to example job files located in jobs folder.

Edit at least mount options and mail options.

For scheduling on your Xenserver host you have to edit root's crontab file.

Scheduling via cron

Create a file /etc/cron.d/xenbackup-ng, edit as your needs and restart/reload cron daemon

Below there's an example of cron file content, which starts example-job every working day at 21:00 PM and a weekly job every sunday at 1:00 AM

# xenbackup-ng
# m h dom mon dow user    command
0 21  * * 1-5  xenbackup /opt/xenbackup-ng/ example-job
0 1  * * 0 xenbackup /opt/xenbackup-ng/ example-job-weekly


xenbackup-ng is released under the MIT License (MIT)


xenbackup-ng is based on original work of Filippo Zanardo ( )

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