Multi-compiler bindings between Eiffel and GTK tool kit. This project has been dormant for few years now.
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	1. Get and install gtk+-1.2.x (or better)
	2. unpack the tar file into "$HOME/Eiffel" directory
	3. If you are using SmallEiffel then go to
		  $HOME/Eiffel/eGTK/C/se and type "make.
	   If you are using ISE Eiffelt then go to
			  $HOME/Eiffel/eGTK/C/ise and type "make.
	4. Now you can compile using the Ace.ace files (for ISE)
	   or Makefiles for SE in various subdirectories under	
	5. If you also want to try the Gnome example you need to compile
	   the C/Gnome libraries. This is done by issueing the command,
	   in the same C directories:

			make -f Makefile.withgnome

	6. If you are using SmallEiffel you can use the script in $EGTK/bin
	   egtkbuild to make it easier to compile your programs.


	1. You will need ISE Eiffel 5 compiler (see, 
	   which is not free or SmallEiffel -0.74 Beta #21. Although
	   most things should still work with the oled compilers.
	2. Gtk+ has been ported to Windows, however this code has
	   not been tested on Windows at all. You can read the README_W32
	   on how to use eGTK on Windows.

You will need to define an enviroment variable  EGTK that points
to the directory where the Eiffel sources are. On my system I have:


To compile with SmallEiffel simply go to the gtk/examples directories
and type "make" to compile that example. For ISE each example directory
contains an Ace file. You also have to separately compile the C code 
in gtk/C/ise.


If you are using Microsoft Visual C and ISE 4.5 or SmallEiffel compiler
on Windows you will probably run into trouble with the way booleans are
passed to GTK routines. At the moment there is no portable way to
solve this problem. If you get stuck let me know and I'll see what
we can do. 


Here is a brief description of the examples found in the 
"examples" subdirectory:

	1. drawing - simple example of GTK_DRAWING_AREA widget
	2. events - an example of catching various kinds of GDK events
		(for example key presses and releases)
	3. fixed_text  - example of use of text widget
	4. gnome_canvas - example of graphics with Gnome_canvas widget.
	5. hello - simple hello world program showing one button with a callback
	6. image-scribble-simple - another simple drawing program, shows tracking
		of mouse events.
	7. menu - example of menus and their call backs
	8. mozbed - imbedded Mozilla widget (does not work yet)
	9. mozilla - Mozilla widget - this code is obsolete.
	10. packing - simple example of packing button widgets into a box widget
	11. pixmap - a button with a changing pixmap
	12. range_widgets - example of range widget
	13. testgtk - large test program that demonstrates use of many different 
    	widgets, including buttons, radio buttons, lists, file and color selectors,
	14. tictactoe - play the game of Tic Tac Toe against the computer
	15. toolbar - nothing here, this example is part of testgtk
	16. tree - example of the tree widget

Enjoy!  eGTK home page:

April 22nd, 2002