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#ChocolateChip-UI for Zepto

##Notice: All work on this repository has been terminated!

###October 30, 2012

There is now a new version of ChocolateChip-UI 2.0 that works for ChocolateChip.js, jQuery and Zepto. As such, there is no longer any need for separate versions for jQuery and Zepto. The new version contains a magical abstraction layer to make this possible. This means that with only one version, everyone gets the same features, behaviors, widgets and bug fixes at the same time.

ChocolateChip-UI is a mobile Web app framework using HTML5, WAML, CSS and JavaScript. This version runs on top of Zepto. If you have been using Zepto for you mobile Web app needs, this can round out your needs nicely. You can take advantage of the rich feature set of ChocolateChip-UI running on top of Zepto for a complete development framework.

ChocolateChip-UI uses specially defined markup for clarity and conciseness to construct your app. ChocolateChip-UI's CSS and JavaScript will imbue the app with styling and basic functionality. Using simple one-liners you can active handed coded markup into sophisticated controls. Or with simple initialization routines you can create controls dynamically.

ChocolateChip-UI takes advantage of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to deliver a consistent, focused, easy to use and compact framework for creating mobile apps rivaling native iOS apps. At the same time care was taken to make sure every aspect of it was as transparent and easy to customize as possible so that you can more easily create the mobile Web app you desire.

Pleases visit ChocolateChip-UI's Website to access tutorials and documentation on how to best utilize it for your purposes. The download here also provides you with snippets and examples to help you get going right away.