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+++ date = "2017-12-08" title = "Labhub Workshop" abstract = "An OHSU Open Science Workshop on tools and methods for building transparency within a lab" abstract_short = "Dive into tools and methods for building lab efficiency and transparency" event = "Labhub Workshop" event_url = "" location = "Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon"

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The landscape of scientific communication is changing dramatically. Diverse stakeholders, including major funders and universities are demonstrating a growing interest and investment in open scientific principles and practices. Researchers, students, and the institutions that support them are needing to navigate new expectations, workflows, and policies against a backdrop of relatively unchanged means and measures of scientific success.

Sound complicated? Join us on December 8th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM for a panel discussion with OHSU leaders and early career researchers on the evolving landscape of scientific communication. We’ll explore the drivers behind the calls for “openness”, what this means in practice, and the real world compatibility and tensions between open science and student, researcher, and institutional success.

Confirmed panelists include:

Dr. Gary Westbrook, Vollum Institute Senior Scientist and Director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program

Dr. Bita Moghaddam, Chair of the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience

Dr. Abhinav Nellore, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Surgery

Dr. Alison Hill, Associate Professor, Center for Spoken Language Understanding

The panel will be followed by food, drinks, and two hands on workshops from 4:00 - 5:30:

{{< figure src="/img/ohsu-os-labhub-workshop.png" >}}

In this workshop, Dr. Alison Hill and Robin Champieux demonstrated tools and methods for building transparency within a lab, and onboarding new graduate students and postdocs. We provided a template GitHub repository and code of conduct designed to facilitate a healthy and productive learning and research environment. You are encouraged to use these tools to communicate expectations, document protocols, receive feedback, and facilitate the long-term value of students’ and trainees’ contributions.

Labhub is a work in progress. We created this repository as an education and demonstration tool for faculty, postdocs, and students curious about how documentation, open science workflows, and tools like Github can contribute to a healthy and productive research environment. Your ideas and contributions are welcome!