Straightforward HTML invoice generator written in Python.
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pyhtml-invoice - straightforward HTML invoice generator written in Python.

This is a straightforward HTML invoice generator written in Python. One of the advantages over other methods is that the end-user can redirect the output of the script using whatever commandline tools preferred.

This could be used as a method of generating email invoices, since the CSS is generated by the included file.


Specifically, the following packages are required:

  • python-3


Dump at the location your typical python scripts.

Afterwards, adjust the details and to match your company and client so that the HTML generated resembles what orders you need to place / deliver.

The script calls to generate the CSS for the HTML file. You may have to edit if the styles need to be adjusted.

Running pyhtml-invoice

Simply execute the script and redirect the contents to the intended destination (e.g. HTML file or email).

To make an HTML file:

python > biz_invoice.html

To send an email, call the client of your choice via commandline:

sendmail < `python`


This was developed by Robert Bisewski at Ibis Cybernetics. For more information, contact: