Hardware temperature sensor reporting tool for Linux, written in golang.
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tempchk - Hardware temperature sensor tool for Linux, written in golang.

This is a rather plain golang-based method of gathering temperature data from common hardware sensors on Linux.

When it comes to temperature data on Linux, I expect there is a great deal of non-conformity, so go ahead and shoot me an email if you see any obvious mistakes on your hardware.

Part of my reason for writting this was a need for a more minimalist version of the current solution, lm-sensors, which perhaps a bit of a heavy-weight implementation.

Maybe one day it will be more fleshed out, but for now it is more of a simple tool. Feel free to fork it and use it for other projects if you find it useful.


The following is needed in order for this to function as intended:

  • Linux kernel 4.4+
  • golang

Older kernels could still give some kind of result, but I think most of the newer Linux distros have since made the /proc method of retrieving the temperature obsolete. Feel free to correct me if this is incorrect.


Build this program as you would a simple POSIX program:


Run the program like so:



Written by Robert Bisewski at Ibis Cybernetics. For more information, contact: