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This repository is one of a group which I have created in a bid for cosmic mindspace, and provides top cover for this enterprise, addressing the biggest issues in the complete opus and defining the place and scope of the other subprojects.

Here is the structure which I envisage, broken down by repository, all to be hosted on GitHub, and mostly to be just a wiki, without even a definite idea about software, for a good while. I consider painting this big picture, with sketches in each of the constituent repositories, as an important preliminary to development work, though I don't exclude some prototyping while it is in progress. And I expect it all to take a good while.

I now have in mind a set of five parts, and I'm going to sketch them all here:


The top repo is to be called "StarDust", which has a nice cosmic feel to it. The role of this is to plot the thinking as far into the future, and as far out into the cosmos, as I feel I have something to say (which is a long way), and to say how the other four pieces/projects/repos contribute to this and fit together.

There are then three repos into which main substance of the work is divided, roughly along simplistic lines corresponding to divisions articulated in the philosophy of David Hume, in his two "forks". The first (or is it the second?) fork is the distinction between "ought" and "is", or between descriptive and evaluative propositions.


HoLoVal covers the evaluative propositions, and generally the kind of thing which Aristotle would have classified as practical science. Ethics, Politics, Economics. How to decide, articulate and effect our morals and preferences, individually and collectively.

Descriptive propositions are then further divided along the lines of Hume's other fork:


DA-Hol is concerned with what Hume referred to as "relations between ideas", but which I will more often describe as a priori, (broadly)logical, or analytic propositions, i.e. the kinds of truth which can be demonstrated to very high levels of confidence in formal deductive systems such as HOL.

The second prong of this fork is:


which concerns Hume's "matter of fact", not so clear a notion, by which we understand objective empirical truths. The interpretation of this domain of contingent rather than necessary truth which is progressed in this sub-project reflects, in ways which Hume did not anticipate, Hume's skepticism about what can properly be inferred from the sensory evidence upon which they are based. In this part of the project we consider how mathematical models of the physical world can be constructed using the infrastructure provided by DA-Hol, how these are related to the sense data, coming in the future primarily from IOT online sensors, and how reasoning using these models about how to achieve the aims articulated or derived from DA-Value leads through activators, which may be IOT devices, to the implementation of desired transformations in the material universe.

This is also a place where the use of HOL for smart contracts might be explored.


intelligent hybrid cognitive cosmos



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