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generator-phaser-plus Templates

Here you will find the generator-phaser-plus project templates.

The provided projects present here contain the same sample game and include only the essential features to start game development with Phaser right away. Changes made here are extracted back and become actual project templates in the generator.

Currently, the following templates are available.

📁 default dependencies status devDependencies status

As the name implies, this is the default project template created by generator-phaser-plus. Contains a very basic Webpack configuration. Application scripts are authored using ECMAScript syntax and modules. Includes Babel, configured with babel-preset-env, to compile and bundle scripts in a format compatible with today's browsers and devices.

How do I use these sample projects?

Ideally, you should use generator-phaser-plus to bootstrap new game projects. The generator is capable of creating projects with the same features you see here.

Just install it, using npm install --global generator-phaser-plus.

Otherwise, you can contribute with bug fixes and additional features. Just fork the repository, follow the instructions below and submit a pull request.

Development Instructions

To start, fork the repository and create a working copy.

git clone
cd generator-phaser-plus/templates/

Choose a template of your choice, install the project dependencies and run tasks using npm or Yarn.

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