Merges comments from all translations of the posts in Polylang
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Polylang Comments Merger

Merges comments from all translations of the posts in Polylang.

Polylang creates posts and pages for each language. Comments posted on one language do not appear on other posts published in other languages.

Polylang Comments Merger merges comments from all Polylang translations of posts and pages, so that they all are displayed on each other. No changes are made to the db: comments remain internally attached to the post or page they were made on


No special installation is required:

  • Upload the whole polylang-comments-merger directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


This plugin does not have any options. After activation all features are immediately available.

What types of content are supported

Only posts and pages are supported.


Polylang Comments Merger is heavily inspired by the no longer maintained WPML Comment Merging plugin by Fabian Lange.


  • Rhialto and Jonathan for their efforts in the Wordpress support forum.
  • Yves Brendel and Rhialto (again) for French translations.


The plugin is released "as is" and no support is given.