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The idea of this project is automatically update and setup your NVIDIA Jetson [TK1, TX1, TX2, TX2i] embedded board without wait a lot of time. Visit the Official website

Main features:

If you want start with this toolkit you can write on the bash of your board:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ git clone
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ cd jetson_easy
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/jetson_easy$ ./

Interactive user interface

When you launch the script you can read the information about your board, from user and hostname, release of the kernel to the NVIDIA Jetson hardware release if installed the version of ROS Biddibi Boddibi Boo - page 1

In second menu you can setup your board and setup which type of installation you like. Finally you can save and store all infromation in a file and use same setup for the future. Biddibi Boddibi Boo - page 2

Finally you can startup the installer and wait that jetson_easy complete the installation for you!