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The jtop start with this command:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo jtop

other information are available with after run the help:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo jtop --help
usage: [-h] [-r REFRESH] [--page PAGE]

jtop is system monitoring utility that runs on the terminal

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -r REFRESH   refresh interval
  --page PAGE  Open fix page


To control the your NVIDIA Jetson are available this keyboard commands:

  • a Start/Stop jetson_clocks service (Note: jetson_clocks start only after 60s from up time)
  • e Enable/Disable jetson_clocks on board boot
  • + and - Increase and decrease the NVPmodel


jtop have four different pages to control your NVIDIA Jetson:

  1. ALL Are collected all information about your board: CPUs status, Memory, GPU, disk, fan and all status about jetson_clocks, NVPmodel and other
  2. GPU A real time GPU history about your NVIDIA Jetson
  3. CTRL You can control the status of you
  4. INFO

More details are written below



Are collected all information about your board:

  • CPUs status
  • Memory
  • GPU
  • disk
  • fan
  • jetson_clocks
  • NVPmodel (if present in your board)
  • Voltages
  • Power



A real time GPU history about your NVIDIA Jetson. From this page you can monitor the status of your board in the last 10seconds



From this page you can control your board, know and change the status of:

  • jetson_clocks service
  • change the state of your NVPmodel
  • Read the actual speed the FAN installed in your board



From this page are available all informations from your NVIDIA Jetson regardings:

  • Jetpack
  • Hardware
  • Libraries
    • CUDA
    • Visionworks
    • OpenCV
    • cuDNN
  • Hostname
  • host interfaces


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