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ROS jetson-stats

A ROS wrapper jetson-stats to ROS where you can read the status of your board via diagnostic messages.


  1. Check your NVIDIA board have installed jetson-stats otherwise install it
sudo -H pip install -U jetson-stats
  1. Clone this repository in your workspace
  2. Run catkin_make to locate ros_jetson_stats in your workspace

Setup your launch file

Add in your launch file the ros_jetson_stats package following

<node pkg="ros_jetson_stats" type="" name="ros_jetson_stats"/>


You can enable and disable jetson_clocks, set the NV Power Model or change the FAN mode directly from ros service.

  • jetson_clocks (ros_jetson_stats/jetson_clocks)
    • status: Boolean value
  • nvpmodel (ros_jetson_stats/nvpmodel)
    • nvpmodel: NVP Model name, please refer NVIDIA documentation
  • fan (ros_jetson_stats/fan)
    • mode: default, system, manual

Run the demo

Run the demo following this roslaunch file

roslaunch ros_jetson_stats jetson_stats.launch

Watch your NVIDIA Jetson stats from your runtime_monitor

rosrun rqt_runtime_monitor rqt_runtime_monitor