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Snipmate.vim support for BibTeX files

This plugin provides some snippets for writing BibTeX (.bib) files.

The supported entry types are: Article, Book, Booklet, Conference, InBook, InCollection, InProceedings, Manual, MastersThesis, Misc, PhDThesis, Proceedings, TechReport and Unpublished. The trigger words are these names converted to lower case. Most of the optional fields (such as annote and eprint) are not included.

I tested this plugin against garbas's Snipmate fork. If it doesn't work with your own configuration, please let me know.



This addon is compatible with Pathogen and Vundle_. If you use one of them, you are awesome so you'll know what to do.

I pretend to support installation with VAM as well, but I haven't tried it.

If you are an old-fashioned Vimmer, just drop the bib.snippets file into the snippets directory of your Snipmate install.


Roberto Bonvallet <>

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