Twitter like swipe to reveal implemented in Titanium


Twitter like swipe to reveal implemented in Titanium.

The code is only a proof of concept, so it is very simple without following the "best practices" (commonJS modules, etc). I did it this way so everybody can have a look at the code and maybe learn something instead of just using it as a copy/paste solution.

Anyway, I'm planing to make a CommonJS module later when I'll have more time and of course pull requests are welcomed.


UPDATE 15.08.2012:

Fixed for android (tested on 4.0.3).

UPDATE 17.08.2012:

Fix for android scroll. The active row if any will hide after the scroll events triggers at least 3 times to detect better an intentional scroll. Fix for some dimensions - it looks ok on tablets too now.

TODO: make it a CommonJS module

Licensed under MIT.