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[Unmaintained] Experiment in building a web framework for making APIs
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This project has not been maintained since 2009

WSGIWAPI is intended to make it extremely easy to make web APIs based on Python programs.

See docs/introduction.html, or, for an introduction to WSGIWAPI.

You can run the testsuite by running "./".

All changes are logged in the ChangeLog.


WSGIWAPI should work with python versions 2.5 and 2.6. Older versions (ie, 2.4 or earlier) are not supported - the main obstacle is that the exception classes in WSGIWAPI are new-style classes, which are not allowed as exceptions in python 2.4.

Support for python 3.0 is not yet implemented, but it is not expected to be difficult.

To use JSON support with python 2.5 (eg, the "jsonreturning" decorator), you will need the "json" or "simplejson" module.

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