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"name": "postgresql",
"description": "Installs and configures postgresql for clients or servers",
"long_description": "= DESCRIPTION:\n\nInstalls and configures postgresql client or server.\n\n= REQUIREMENTS:\n\n== Platform:\n\nTested on CentOS 5.5, Ubuntu 10.04 but should support centos, redhat, fedora, suse, ubuntu and debian.\n\n== Cookbooks:\n\n= ATTRIBUTES: \n\n* postgresql[:dir] - configuration file location.\n* postgresql[:version] - Version of postgresql to use. Configured in attributes based on platform.\n* postgresql[:ssl] - used on debian family installs to enable ssl support. The debian post installation script automatically builds the certificates.\n\n= USAGE:\n\nFor clients:\n\n include_recipe \"postgresql::client\"\n \nFor server: \n\n include_recipe \"postgresql::server\"\n \n(client is already included by server). This will check the platform that the node is and include either redhat family recipe (postgresql::server_redhat) or debian family (postgresql::server_debian) because the two styles differ quite a bit.\n\nThe templates provided by this cookbook will probably need to be tweaked for the local environment, no tuning parameters are specified in them. The templates are separated by family designation in the template directory, since Chef doesn't do \"platform family\" style file specificity.\n\n= LICENSE and AUTHOR:\n \nAuthor:: Joshua Timberman (<>)\n\nCopyright:: 2009-2010, Opscode, Inc\n\nLicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the \"License\");\nyou may not use this file except in compliance with the License.\nYou may obtain a copy of the License at\n\n\n\nUnless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software\ndistributed under the License is distributed on an \"AS IS\" BASIS,\nWITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.\nSee the License for the specific language governing permissions and\nlimitations under the License.\n",
"maintainer": "Opscode, Inc.",
"maintainer_email": "",
"license": "Apache 2.0",
"platforms": {
"rhel": [
"centos": [
"fedora": [
"ubuntu": [
"debian": [
"suse": [
"dependencies": {
"recommendations": {
"suggestions": {
"conflicting": {
"providing": {
"replacing": {
"attributes": {
"groupings": {
"recipes": {
"postgresql": "Empty, use one of the other recipes",
"postgresql::client": "Installs postgresql client package(s)",
"postgresql::server": "Installs postgresql server packages, debian family style",
"postgresql::redhat": "Installs postgresql server packages, redhat family style"
"version": "0.11.1"