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Azkaban jars can be deployed to a maven repository. The maven build tasks use the
property release.version to determine the release name that is built/deployed.
By default, it is given the value curr.release.snapshot found in the build properties
file, but it can be overridden with -Drelease.version=xxxxxxx specified on the command line.
So, for example:
ant jars -Drelease.version=1.0-SNAPSHOT
builds azkaban-common and azkaban jars with version 1.0-SNAPSHOT.
Likewise, there are properties for the maven repostory and repository id to use:
* mvn.repository.location.snapshot
* mvn.repository.location.release
The mvn task will choose the appropriate setting based upon whether you use
mvn-deploysnapshot or mvn-deployrelease. Also, these can be overridden on the
commandline for a particular build by specifying and/or
Note that this build uses antlib in order to execute the maven parts. The plugin is in the
antlib directory, but you must add an extra -lib directive to the ant call, like:
ant -lib antlib xxxxxxxx
For Maven deployment:
ant -lib antlib mvn-deploysnapshot
ant -lib antlib mvn-deployrelease
For Maven local installation:
ant -lib antlib mvn-installsnapshot
ant -lib antlib mvn-installrelease