FriendlyId is the “Swiss Army bulldozer” of slugging and permalink plugins for ActiveRecord. It allows you to create pretty URL’s and work with human-friendly strings as if they were numeric ids for ActiveRecord models.
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FriendlyId is the "Swiss Army bulldozer" of slugging and permalink plugins for Ruby on Rails. It allows you to create pretty URL's and work with human-friendly strings as if they were numeric ids for Active Record models.

Using FriendlyId, it's easy to make your application use URL's like:

instead of:

FriendlyId Features

FriendlyId offers many advanced features, including: slug history and versioning, scoped slugs, reserved words, and custom slug generators.

FriendlyId is compatible with Active Record 3.0 and 3.1.

Version 4.x

FriendlyId 4.x introduces many changes incompatible with 3.x. If you're upgrading, please read the docs to see what's new.

Rails Quickstart

gem install friendly_id

rails new my_app

cd my_app

gem "friendly_id", "~> 4.0.0.beta8"

rails generate scaffold user name:string slug:string

# edit db/migrate/*_create_users.rb
add_index :users, :slug, :unique => true

rake db:migrate

# edit app/models/user.rb
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  extend FriendlyId
  friendly_id :name, :use => :slugged

User.create! :name => "Joe Schmoe"

rails server

GET http://localhost:3000/users/joe-schmoe


The current docs can be found here


The latest benchmarks for FriendlyId are maintained here.


Please report them on the Github issue tracker for this project.

If you have a bug to report, please include the following information:

  • Version information for FriendlyId, Rails and Ruby.
  • Stack trace and error message.
  • Any snippets of relevant model, view or controller code that shows how you are using FriendlyId.

If you are able to, it helps even more if you can fork FriendlyId on Github, and add a test that reproduces the error you are experiencing.


FriendlyId was originally created by Norman Clarke and Adrian Mugnolo, with significant help early in its life by Emilio Tagua. I'm deeply gratful for the generous contributions over the years from many volunteers.

Part of the inspiration to rework FriendlyId came from Darcy Laycock's library Slugged, which he was inspired to create because of frustrations he experienced while using FriendlyId 3.x. Seeing a smart programmer become frustrated with my code was enough of a kick in the butt to make me want to improve this library significantly.

Many thanks to him for providing valid, real criticism while still being a cool about it. I definitely recommend you check out his library if for some reason FriendlyId doesn't do it for you.

Lastly, FriendlyId uses Travis for continuous integration. It's an excellent, free service created by a whole bunch of good people - if you're not already using it, you should be!

Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Norman Clarke, released under the MIT license.