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This project was created to provide a roadmap report that I wanted in Jira but did not exist. The roadmap report generated by this project provides answers of what the team is focused on right now, what the team is planning to work on and how close the team is to completing epics.

Jira Prerequisites

At a minimum you will need a jira project and this project expects that you will use Epics to plan your development. Additionally, you may filter more specifically within a project using labels.

A special label assumed to be in use is "long-term". When the "long-term" labels are used on epics it will separately display information about them from regular epics. The long-term epics are used to track work that seems to never end, e.g. Team Improvement, Documentation and Releases.


This project is still under active development (but usable). As such, the current usage experience is by installing and running from source code.

git clone
cd jira-roadmap
python -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt


A minimum example to generate a report:

./ --user MYUSERNAME --password MYPASSWORD --project MYPROJECT -l MYSQUAD --title "Team Roadmap"

Script argument details:

  • url
  • project
    • The name of the project in Jira. Example: "UPG"
  • user
    • username for auth purposes to Jira
  • password
    • password for auth purposes to Jira
  • template', '-t'
    • The jinja2 html template used to generate the report. There is a default template provided in the project at "templates/default_roadmap.j2".
  • output
    • A file path for storing the generated report. It defaults to the current directory and the file name contains a timestamp.
  • labels
    • Labels are used in the JQL to filter issues coming from Jira.
  • ignores
    • This argument allows you to skip specific issues.
  • jql
    • Custom JQL override. Instead of using the JQL in this script, use a completely custom JQL string as needed.
  • sslverify
    • Whether or not to verify the ssl certificate of the server when connecting to authenticate. Defaults to False.
  • verbose
    • Use this argument to enable verbose output as needed.
  • title
    • The title used in the html report. Defaults to "Roadmap".


This project generates a roadmap report for a given project in Jira







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