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Async doesn't work on sqlite3 example #15

pibi opened this Issue May 02, 2011 · 3 comments

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pibi Nathan Rajlich
pibi commented May 02, 2011

As stated above, sqlite3 Async example doesn't work. it hangs on second callback call:
2 May 18:16:05 - Opening test.sqlite3...
2 May 18:16:05 - Creating and/or clearing foo table...
2 May 18:16:05 - Inserting bar 5 times...
2 May 18:16:05 - Row: {"bar":"baz"}

Tests done with latest node-ffi, node v.0.4.7, libsqlite 3.7.2-1ubuntu0.1, Ubuntu 10.10

pibi commented May 06, 2011

The first callback function seems too fast than the events subscription. I can't figure how to solve this, except slowing callback function with some util.log(util.inspect())

pibi commented June 27, 2011

is this module unmaintained?

Nathan Rajlich

@pibi Sorry for the super late response. The example works for me though. Please let me know if you still have any problems.

Nathan Rajlich TooTallNate closed this January 02, 2012
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