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UH Manoa LaTeX Thesis Class Versions

This README describes version 2.2.0 of the uhthesis class.

This LaTeX class was originally developed in 2000, and has been used by many theses and dissertations successfully accepted by UHM Graduate Division since then. The original class was called "uhthesis2e", showing it's age since it was adapted for LaTeX 2e, back when that was new. This version of the class was somewhat hacked together, which sometimes caused problems with more modern LaTeX packages.

In 2008, Mark Stillwell undertook a complete rewrite of the class, starting from the standard report class. The goal was to provide a clean foundation for future maintenance, and ensure it worked properly with modern LaTeX packages. Further, he documented the class definition extensively, referring back to the style guide point by point. This new class is called "uhthesis", distinguishing it from the original class.

The new thesis class has been used to successfully submit dissertations to Graduate Division, most recently in May 2013. Version 2.2.0 has been updated to conform to the September 2014 version of the UH thesis style guide, but as of this writing (2015-03-09) has not been used to submit a thesis to Graduate Division, so it should be considered a beta version.


This archive contains everything necessary to prepare a University of Hawaii thesis or dissertation with a recent LaTeX2e environment like TeX Live. For information on how do download LaTeX distributions, go to

This class is hosted at GitHub:

For assistance with this package, please visit the associated Google Group:

The following files should be placed in your personal or departmental LaTeX style directory:

uhthesis.cls Document class file

For example, on MacTeX you could create the directory /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex/uhthesis and copy the class file above into that directory to allow all users on the computer access to the class. If you only need the class file to be accessible by yourself, you could create ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/uhthesis (all the directories after "Library" will have to be created) and then copy class file in. A similar procedure should work for other TeX Live distributions.

The class file is documented in uhthesis.pdf

An example of how to use the style with extensive comments is provided in the example/ subdirectory. The following files make up this example. Start with "thesis.tex".

abstract.tex acknowledgments.tex appendix.tex body.tex dedication.tex example-figure.eps example.bib thesis.tex


The class file is written as a Documented LaTeX source file (.dtx). This combines the LaTeX code and the documentation in one file. If you want to modify the class file or documentation, edit the uhthesis.dtx file. When you want to re-generate the class file, run "pdflatex uhthesis.ins". The uhthesis.dtx file can be run through pdflatex like any other document to generate the documentation for the class.

Good luck! You can report bugs or wonderful new features you have implemented to the Google Group discussed above. Pull requests gladly accepted.


A LaTeX thesis/dissertation class for the University of Hawaii at Manoa







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