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Smart Asana

This gem allows you to add tasks to Asana using the Smart Add syntax from Remember the Milk.

I used RTM for four years before switching to Asana, and I missed the seamless task entry. No more!


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'smart_asana'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install smart_asana


To run the asana executable, define the ASANA_API_KEY environmental variable. This will be used to construct a new connection to Asana.

Once the environmental variable is configured, you can add your tasks from the command-line.

$ asana This is a new task #TheWorkspace +1

Specifying Indicators

The parser will use all text preceding the first indicator as your task name, and the task attributes will be set based on the indicators you have specified.

You can assign a task to today, upcoming, or later. All other tasks are dropped into your inbox. For more information about these status types, check out the Tasks documentation.

$ asana This task is for today +1
1 - today
2 - upcoming
3 - later

You can also assign a task to a specific workspace.

$ asana This task is in #MyWorkspace

Since workspace names can contain multiple words, you'll want to use MixedCase indicators. Also, workspace indicators are not case-sensitive.

If you want to assign a due date to a task, you can specify it in a variety of ways.

today - today's date
tomorrow - tomorrow's date
friday - Friday's date (other days of the week work, as well)
$ asana This task is due ^today

It is also possible to enter an arbitrary date for a task.

$ asana This task is due on ^2013-01-01


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