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Debian packaging of the Zukitwo GNOME theme


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This is the repository for my (@rbrito's) packaging of the beautiful Zukitwo family of themes for GTK2/3 made by Mattias aka lassekongo83.

It includes the last released version (that I know of) of the Zukitwo-Dark theme, which I want to preserve as much as possible (even though I don't know anything about theming GTK2/3 applications for the lack of time).

Since I Mattias doesn't seem to be interested in maintaining Zukitwo-Dark anymore and it is the most professionally and soberly designed dark theme that I know of, I will try to keep it available as much as I can.

While Matthias has updated Zukitwo for versions of GTK3 later than 3.4, he dropped Zukitwo-Dark completely from his plans for Zukitwo, which I think is an unfortunate thing, as I am willing to pay to get Zukitwo-Dark ported to whatever version of GTK 3 is available in Debian.

I am certainly not alone with this, since I have even seen some people in deviantart asking Matthias things like "how much would you like for bringing back Zukitwo-Dark?", without any response from him.

Alas, there is hope that, at least, the theme for GTK2 will continue to work, since all the developent focus is on GTK3 (well, as long as people don't mess up with backwards compatibility of GTK2).


The purpose of this repository is to automate the (boring) manual instructions of how one might want to install the themes, taking care of all the dependencies, and also recommending the beautiful Faenza icon theme.

The original README


Ubuntu art team (This theme wouldn't be possible without them. Thanks cimi for the unico gtk3 engine.) Daniel Foré - Sean Wilson - Roberto - Aaron - Ronjouch - DeviantART linux/designer community All the application developers out there. Keep doing what you're doing and listen to the GUI designers. ;-) Anyone else I may have forgotten. :-)


This theme was created by Mattias aka lassekongo83 - The theme is released under the GPL licence. See the COPYING file for more information.

Zukitwo was inspired by the elementary gtk theme by Daniel Foré.

To use this theme read the included INSTALL file for more information.

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