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Live Demo

Team Members

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • VS Live Share

Team Strategy

Before project week officially kicked off, we already had an idea of what we wanted to complete. We wanted to build a web app that seemed feasible within the scope of time we had to complete it so ended up changing course with what our project would be. The day of official kick off we took the time to storyboard a few options for how we wanted the user to interact throughout the process and flow of the site. We then took these stories to build the structure of the site and its pages.

After reviewing the requirements of the project and coming up with an idea, the next steps were to come up with a plan. We spent the first day laying out our ideas across a whiteboard, sketched out wireframes and discussed the problems we were looking to solve. Ultimately we decided to go with bare bones on this project to keep scope of time in mind and just build out the site and render information based on user click. We also wanted this app to be web responsive, so we styled based on the ‘mobile first’ design.

Site Walkthrough

Weekly Items

Monthly Items

Yearly Items

Code Snippets





In the beginning one challenge we faced was navigating the react components themselves and best ways to create & structure the code in order to render the data from our JSON file. Upon figuring out the structure and how to build out the components the next challenge we faced

Phase 2 Features

Phase 2 features:

  • Create a database allowing to save, add, delete, and edit entries based on user.
  • Add in authentication features by user to edit or delete specific to their entry.
  • Add additional pages: finances & medical allowing users to input and track data.